When the Rooster Crows, at the break of dawn…

Once upon a time, I said to my wife “Hey wife: let’s go on an aimless date!”

To which, she replied “The fuck are you talking about now?”

An aimless date is when you and your beloved pick a nearby, neighborhood village, and you walk through it, just to check it out. She was into the idea, so we did it.

The city that we had chosen was Tachikawa. It was a wonderfull time!

During said date we had found ourselves in Tachikawa’s Mega Don Quijote (think: Walgreen’s on steroids). It was in this store that the wife had found, and pointed out to me, the product pictured.


I was agog!

I was agog not because of the proximity of said product to youthful, non-world weary eyes, not because of the fact that this product is a pure example of ‘right over the plate’ marketing, and certainly not because of the fact that this item showed how “with it” Japan really is.

No: I was agog because my wife had pointed this out to me and didn’t bury me under an avalanche of dick jokes.