Boys and Girls Together.

When I started this round of bloggery, I didn’t account for the fact that being on the look out for Japan and Japanese-related pictures can be a lot harder than it seems. This is due to the fact that I have to constantly be switched on to that setting. It gets tiring after a while.

One of the things I try to employ that helps circumvent this type of burnout is to look for the easily disregarded within a given picture.


The picture above? I didn’t take it because of the people within it. The goal was to see if Google Translate would be a pal and tell me what the sign behind the group said.¬†Google Translate was nice enough to tell me that I took a shitty picture and that I should fuck right the hell off with it.

Slightly grumpy, I stared at the picture and shifted my focus from the sign to the couples therein. “Well, the guy in front looks like he’s making a funny face and wearing a funny hat-maybe something’ll come to me.”

That was months ago.

When I came back to said photo, the only thing that had crossed my mind is that this group, these friends, couples, whatever they are… they look like every other group of ‘couples’ I have ever seen out in the wild.

  • They look happy.
  • They look like they’re having a good time.
  • They look like they’re enjoying the fresh air that their country of origin is providing for them.

That is to say that, people, regardless of race or placement on the globe, are basically the same.

They want to be happy. They want to have a good time. And they want to go to bed at the end of a good day knowing the the next day can be just as good, if not better.

Doing Everything a Particle Can…


IMG_7808.jpg“… Gosh that was a lot of stairs. Bet those Tengu spirits never had to deal with stairs and inclines, and sweatiness. They probably could just think of where they wanted to be, blink, and then be there. Wonder if one of them ever tried it, got it wrong, and wound up shitting themselves? Boy it’s hot! They really ought to install an elevator on this mountain. I like cats. Ha Ha would never let me have one because she secretly hated me. But she’s gone now and I’m a man. I’m getting a kitty as soon as I get down off of this damn mountain.