Having Goals Whilst Living Abroad.

While living abroad (and with life in general), goal setting should become a crucial part of your life. Not only will it help you adult, but it will also take the sting out of being a stranger in a stranger land.

One day I went out for a bike ride. On that ride, I saw what I had believed to be a hawk. He was sitting on a fence post taking in the summer sun. Me, never seeing one up close before, I nearly endo-ed my ride just to appreciate that majestic fucker.

After dismounting my bicycle, I crept as close as I could to him, and I very politely whispered, “Good morning, you majestic motherfucker.”

He looked at me like:

and then flew the fuck away.

As his ass receded into the horizon, I made my first goal in Japan: getting a picture of that son of a bitch.

That was back in July 2016.

Every day since then I would ride my bike as much as possible. There have been plenty of near hits. He’d let me get close enough to get my phone out and then he’d be nothing but a puff of feathers. Other times I would be driving in a car and cursing his still presence on whatever perch of his I just drove past.

Then, one day back in December 2016, I saw him. Fortune had decided to smile on me. There were airplanes going over head and I happened to be downwind. He had no idea that I was there.


Really, I caught him while it was early in the morning and he was taking a shit. See?Granted, I am not Ansel Adams but I still got my picture.

The moral? Goals are only as effective as your willingness to follow through.