Beyond the Sea.

Here, have some colorful animals out in the wilds of Japan.

Really, the girls is my youngest, and yes: I know that I could have done better when it comes to the taking of pictures. As I have mentioned before, I generally try and keep posts like this somewhere between absurd and ‘dad joke’ territory. My reasoning was that I shouldn’t be like every other shill on the internets. What purpose would that serve anyone in the long run? It’s not like we’re all a part of a chorus here.

It’s more dissonance than anything else.

My initial thought with the included photo was to try and take a crack at an internal monologue from the point of view of the fish. Maybe have the punchline fall somewhere in the realm of a fart joke and how fish don’t have to worry about the smell.

Then the real reason I hung on to this photo dropped in my lap.

What is she thinking there? Maybe it has something to do with all of the strategic colors?

I know what I am thinking: she can be about as pleasant as a bag of dicks to be around sometimes but it’s nice to see her smile.

I Like to Ride My Bicycle.

Regardless of the transient nature of my family, I didn’t actively get into photography until we came to Japan.

I’m not proud of this because there have been plenty of opportunities to photograph in Florida that I missed out on. If you get past the idiocy of some of the state’s inhabitants, there’s no prettier a place that Florida during winter time.


With regard to the photo, on this particular day, it was colder than a well digger’s ass and I was exploring a different part of my neighborhood via bicycle. Prior to the photo, I had made a left turn down a random street in order to get off of the beaten path and away from the traffic.

This left turn put me within a cluster of homes, tripping on all of the unconventional architecture. I also learned in this cluster, that Japanese architects seemingly don’t plan neighborhoods so much as place houses. You’d be hard pressed to find 5 consecutive miles of straight road.

While I was in this cluster, I felt a pair of eyes on me. It was a woman, in her yard, looking at me, clearly amused by my presence.

In retrospect, I can’t blame her.

My bicycle was black, my helmet, which makes my enormous head, comically large, was also black. My outfit was completed with a thick, black hoody, and black nut hugger sweatpants. My shoes were also black.

I looked like I was trying out for a reboot of Beverly Hills Ninja.

I knew how silly I looked, so I smiled and waved because there was nothing else for me to do. For the record, she smiled and waved back as well.


Dancing Queen


Outside: Oh Hello! I almost didn’t see you there. You look like you’ve had quite the experience…

Inside: Maybe you’re still experiencing it, he grimaced.

Outside: Where am I going? Oh, North… I think. Yeah sometimes I just like to get up and walk. I’ve found that ambulations are good for clearing out the mental clogs that keep me from being 100%!

Inside: Is that dirt? or shit? hard to tell from this distance, not like I want to get any closer, don’t want the olfactory senses to go kaput.

Outside: Aren’t you cold? I know we’re in a part of Japan that doesn’t get snow often, but that wind can be a son of a bitch… “You get all you need from the sun”?

Inside: You’re not a plant and you are most definitely naked except for your…

Outside: Is that a tiara? oh: a ‘ceremonial headdress’

Well I need to get a move on. Enjoy your sun be sure to flip over so you can get some on your back side too.

Independence Day.

Feast your eyes on what a fireworks display looks like in Japan. Granted, this was on American Government property. Still, it looks like any damn fireworks show.

Yes, I’m one of those troglodytes who can go to a fireworks show like the one that you see below, sit quietly and patiently, absorbing the ink black sky being punctuated by man made star bursts, and still remain positively dead inside.

Fireworks just don’t do it for me. If there was some overall point, like someone issuing a proposal for marriage using strategically placed roman candles, or if there was a skeet shooting competition where the rifles were replaced with bottle rockets, then my interest might be peaked.

So, why am I showing you this side of me? Why did I go to a fourth of July celebration at all this year? For the same reason a husband/father does anything: my wife told me to, and she told me that I had to take the kids.

While I was loathe to participate, this matrimonial decree was not worth eschewing.

So, I took the kids, fought through the sweaty masses and accomplished my betrothed’s polite request. Not for nothing, it was nice watching my kid’s face’s light up.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 9.16.52 AM.png