3 things you didn’t know you wanted to know about the Izu Peninsula.

  1. The Izu Peninsula is made up of two cities: Atami and Ito. As of 2006, both cities combined had a population of 120,000 people.
  2. The Ryokan Inaba, located in Ito, is a 100 year old National Treasure that can be found on the Matsukawa River. What’s notable about this, is that every room is different. Even with respect to the type of wood used to make the room.
  3. Atami in Japanese means ‘hot sea’. According to legend, there used to be a geyser in the area that erupted into the sea. As the majority of life during the times of ‘legend’ depended on fish and other sea life for sustenance, this was bad. At a loss, the local fishermen asked a Buddhist Monk to pray for a solution. The monk being a monk, he was happy to oblige. The monk’s prayers yielded a success as the geyser moved from the sea to the beach. And that is how the town, Atami, got it’s hot spring water that the townsfolk bathe in today.

Reiber, Beth. Spencer, Janie. Frommer’s Japan. Hoboken: Wiley Publishing. 2006. 8th ed.

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