Somewhere Over the Rainbow.


The Great Tajmahal is actually behind me.

It’s a small-ish looking restaurant that obviously serves Indian food. The wife has heard that it’s good. We haven’t eat there yet because whenever we have the rare date night or we want to go out to eat in general, we typically don’t think of Indian food.

We live in Japan. We either think of ‘Japanese Cuisine’ or we think of eating food that reminds us of home.

Point of fact? The last time that I remember getting Indian with the missus (ETA: We have gotten Indian since this was written. It just wasn’t TGT. Sorry about that TGT!), we were still living in Cleveland. At any rate, I call this picture my “looks like home” picture.

Aside from me being a cheeky shit regarding the strategic positioning of signage, and if you totally disregard my mention of Japan and the location I included, this photo looks like it could’ve been taken anywhere.

Personally, I’d say that this easily looks like Brooklyn, Ohio. What about you?

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